The ideal sustainable timber alternative, INNOWOOD products contribute to the prevention of forest depletion through the sustainable use of recycled material and energy management.

Why use Innowood


  • 100% recyclable
  • low VOC emissions
  • energy efficiency
  • won’t crack, split, swell, rot
  • nontoxic
  • does not cause odour pollution
  • withstands temperatures from -20° to 65°
  • contains up to 70% wood waste
  • termite, mildew and water resistant

Fire Resistant

If you are looking for a product that has a natural timber finish that meets the BCA Fire Hazard regulations, look no further INNOWOOD Composite Timber is the best choice.

InnoBoard Composite Timber under AS1530.3, is self-extinguishing with no support for spread of flame or further combustion.


Compared to solid natural timber, INNOWOOD delivers a weight reduction of up to 75% in certain applications through our ability to extrude precise hollow sections.

Louvre System

Fixed blade systems can be set at a predetermined angle dependent on the application. They are designed to not only offer customised solar heat and natural illumination control, but also deliver privacy, weather protection and sheltering capabilities.

Our manually operated louvres are easily controlled with a flick of a switch. They may even be intelligently controlled through a building façade management system that enables manual adjustment for privacy, light and solar control.

Motorised operable blade systems allow for the ultimate ease and control, either via a switch, remote control or fully automated as part of a building management system.

screen System

clip fixing

INNOWOOD’s Clipon Fixing Screen System is designed with screen profiles that are simply pushed in and clipped into place. Consistent spacing is achieved over the length of the spacer to create the most dramatic effects while giving you consistent alignment with flexible spacing between profiles. INNOWOOD’s Clipon Fixing Screen System is designed for internal use.

snap fixing

Our Snap Fixing Screen System creates perfectly straight lines. Battens simply push on and snap into place to support railings that are set out to the desired spacing.

face & rear fixing

Our InnoScreen Face and Real Fixing system is a traditional external fixing method that caters to manual spacing to achieve the desired effect. Battens cater for face fixed or back fixed systems and are designed to simply screw over the structural support for ease of installation.

Ceiling System

concealed clip

Concealed stainless steel connectors are an easy to install fixing option that achieves an aesthetically pleasing and consistent shadow line.


Based on a traditional tongue and groove design, shiplap ceiling systems create a clean finish without any visible fixings.

slatted ceiling system

Slatted ceiling systems produce clean straight slat lines from solid profiles with coverage as small as 16mm and spacing to suit any design.

suspended grid

Secured at a set pitch, the lightweight suspended grid system is perfect for areas where loads are critical.

Railing System


INNOWOOD crashrails are the ideal solution for clean environments where functionality and hygiene are just as important as aesthetics. Common applications of Crashrails are clean rooms, labs, hospital and kitchens. The composite timber profiles reduce the potential for bacterial growth and can withstand harsh cleaners.


InnoRail is a handrail system that combines the warmth of timber with the style and modern look of various stainless steel fittings.

External Cladding System

concealed clip cladding system

Designed with a tongue and groove profile and available in six gorgeous colours, INNOWOOD’s concealed clip fixing system is a dynamic and innovative composite cladding solution that delivers good insulation and acoustic qualities.

shiplap cladding system

Designed with tongue and groove profiles that overlap to mix and match profile widths, INNOWOOD’s shiplap cladding systems achieve a dynamic look with clean, straight lines in a warm, sleek and durable finish for a conventional timber look with an attractive shadow line.

flat joint cladding system

INNOWOOD’S flat joint cladding system incorporates clean aluminium expressed flat joints to create a striking contrast. Available in a variety of aluminium finishes for freedom of customisation, INNOWOOD’s flat joint cladding systems are a dynamic and innovative composite cladding solution.

Cellboard System

CellBoard Panel

CellBoard panels are designed to be used with self-fitted and face-fitted fixing systems to cover a wide range of applications, making them ideal for use in high volumes and resulting in a highly economical installation process. INNOWOOD is able to supply the complete CellBoard system, including custom framing. Refer to the CellBoard Installation Manual for detailed information on this innovative new product.

Perforated Panel

CellBoard’s wide range of dimensions allows for variable spanning and spacing options. This gives building contractors the freedom to establish the most cost effective package for each individual area. Covered by a 7-year limited warranty for peace of mind, CellBoard is also easy to install and very low maintenance.

colours and finishes

White Oak

Iron Bark

Spotted Gum



Weathered Wood