Design and Engineering Services

Providing architects with CAD detailing and PS1 engineering for high-performance facade projects.

Our Design & Engineering Services is a dedicated detailing studio that collaborates with architects and designers from the earliest stages of a façade project.

We are a team of specialists with extensive real-world experience, a deep understanding of overall systems and compliance across the NZBC, and a close connection with product suppliers.

Having us involved from the get-go means we can optimise all stages, speed up your consenting process, reduce cost variations and wastage throughout and ensure everything has been thought of and thought through, well ahead of time.

Pullman Hotel, Auckland Airport - Symonite facade system

The Pullman, Auckland Airport – Symonite facade system


  • Full shop drawings (for consent and/or fabrication).
  • Project specific engineering (PS1).
  • Project specific compliance statements.
  • Detailed design reviews.
  • Design and technical support.
  • Alignment with the NZ Building Council rating tools (Passive House or Greenstar).
  • Software: AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup.
  • Demonstrated systems compliance pathways: B1 Structure, B2 Durability, E2 Ext moisture, C3 Fire code.
  • Design installation methodologies.
  • Develop series of 3D drawings to show assembly.

Why work with us

Working with our D&E team

We are a team of specialists, many from a contracting background. We understand drawing, technical detail and installation from practical, real-world experience. Because we’ve all worked for main contractors, we understand sequencing, and this is reverse engineered into our drawings.

We are completely collaborative

You’ll find us refreshingly upfront and straight-talking to work with. We know what a good idea looks like, and we will tell you if there may be a better one. We make the process easier, and we want to achieve the best possible result.

We are very experienced

We are a full set of specialists, working together. Façade engineers, architects, drafts people, structural engineers, technical systems managers and sustainability

specialists. We have a consistent, methodical approach to every project.

Interested in what we can offer your project? Let’s talk.