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We are high-performance full facade experts, looking after every aspect from design to installation.

Symonite designs, fabricates and installs modern facade systems – cladding, windows and doors, flashings, louvres, fire-rated joinery, curtain walls, as well as prefabricated, modular panels.

We have over 20 years’ experience at the leading edge of a very competitive sector. We base our solutions on proven materials and systems from the world’s top manufacturers. Our team of skilled designers, engineers, fabricators and installers work together to deliver technically superb facades that look great and stand the test of time.

We believe integrity is the key to achieving great building exteriors. Integrity of process. Integrity of materials. And integrity of workmanship. We take care of the entire facade of a new or existing building as the super-subcontractor, from the first design drawing to the last weathertightness check. We take responsibility for everything, and everything we do is done in-house.

Madden Street Project, Photo credit: Jason Mann


We specialise in high-performance architectural exteriors and we are among the best at what we do. Over the course of 20 years we have built a formidable team, earned a reputation for excellence and reliability, and completed some of New Zealand’s most complex and challenging cladding projects.


We are a single-source solution for high-performing building exteriors. We look after everything, end to end, from the framing out. From the initial drawing to the final screw, you are dealing with a single team from a single company: co-ordinated, cost-efficient and completely self-contained.


We employ nice, talented people, we invest in their training, and we look after them. Our company culture is hugely important, highly collaborative, and it’s the reason we have such good long-term relationships with developers and contractors.


We have the scale and capacity to successfully deliver any project on time and on budget. Symonite is a large, capable operation led by seven construction and ops managers, with ten designers, two engineers, and over 100 installers on staff. We own all our own plant, and as part of the Heco Group we have access to a full supply chain of high-performance facade systems.


We source only high-performing systems from the world’s biggest and most trusted manufacturers. Then we re-test them for local conditions and compliance. With building cladding, there’s no room for second-tier options or compromises. You get the best products for the job, every time.



  • New Zealand’s trusted facade contractor, with over 200 full-time staff in five offices.
  • Incredibly proud of our track record – over 3,000 projects successfully completed.
  • One of the few companies to offer design and engineering assistance to architects, thanks to our in-house design and engineering teams.
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Ben Heald

Managing Director, Symonite

Symonite is responsible for every part of the building cladding, from the initial design to the final CCC, and Ben is responsible for every part of Symonite.

Ben joined Symonite initially as a quantity surveyor, but soon got involved in the project front end; he decided he enjoyed that part of the business and within a few years was given the keys to the company. Under his leadership, Symonite scaled up to become the large and complex operation it is today.

You can’t take the QS out of the MD, though. While he may have a QS’ eye for detail, Ben isn’t one to micro-manage. He prefers a flatter management style, employing good, smart people and letting them get on with being good and smart.

‘My passion is people, and people come first – we’re absolutely focused on producing the best outcome, not just for the people we work with and contract to, but also for those who are going to live and work in our buildings – apartment owners and end users. We’re here to give them warm, dry, high-performing facades.’

Houssein Daakour

Operations Manager, Symonite

Houssein leads the Project Management and Operations departments for Symonite’s prefabricated modular systems and full-façade projects. Thanks to an extensive international career in the field, working with the world’s largest construction firms and architectural practices, he is thoroughly up to date with the latest technologies used in full-façade design and installation. 

Houssein has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and over the last 20 years has managed iconic projects in Beirut, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Monaco. This shaped his expertise in all aspects of project delivery – from contract negotiation to project management to completion and handover. 

‘Alongside the main contractor’s project managers, the Symonite factory and site teams, I ensure a clear understanding of scope, proper planning and tasks distribution, leading to smooth execution, timely installation and premium quality.’

Sarah Aspinall

Commercial Manager, Symonite

Sarah has almost 20 years’ experience in commercial management for building and construction projects. She has worked on the client side, in main contracting and subcontracting, and brings an in-depth knowledge of contracts and construction programmes from multiple perspectives. 

Her successes include working as Commercial Manager on an $11m subcontract with a main contractor for Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities at Greys Ave in Auckland and as Engineer to the Contract on multiple Kāinga Ora projects in the city. Whether negotiating or administering a building contract, Sarah strives to be available and approachable, while delivering fair outcomes. 

 As well as a thorough understanding of construction processes and procedures, Sarah has strong commercial and contract acumen. She brings clarity and clear management to the oversight of construction agreements and seeks positive outcomes for the industry as a whole.

    AS Colour, Photo credit: Mark Scowen


Every project is assigned a manager from start to finish whose responsibility it is to deliver the job to specification. The client only has to deal with one point of contact and lines of communication remain clear.

Working with the project manager and client, our experienced Estimating Department are able to offer expert advice and alternative specifications helping to make projects more cost effective and keeping them within budget.


Symonite is ‘committed to quality’, We believe excellent service and quality can only be delivered when based on great people and real experience. Our skilled site management team are constantly striving towards zero defect handover and early completion.

Working with the client’s site agent during construction we will assist with, and overcome, unforeseen day-to-day problems experienced on construction sites. Installation is carried out by our fully experienced operatives to the very highest standards.


We pride ourselves in our safety record. We work to, and abide by, all current Health & Safety regulations. Safety consultants are employed and are contracted to make regular site visits in order to maintain and improve site safety. Method Statements and Risk Assessments are provided for all works carried out.

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