Innowood products represent an ideal sustainable alternative to natural timber. Being 100% recyclable, Innowood offers one of the most sustainable and durable timber alternatives on the market. This non-toxic, energy-efficient innovation can be designed and extruded into different profiles, providing flexibility in design. Innowood’s material characteristics offer a wide range of product options and possibilities to suit any project. Symonite offers a range of Innowood products including external cladding, internal linings and screens.

Innowood products look and feel just like real timber only without the limitations such as cracking, splitting, warping and rotting which often occur overtime with timber. Not only does Innowood have outstanding timber-like aesthetic properties, but it is also low maintenance, resistant to water and has fire-resistant properties if subjected to fire. Manufactured predominantly from a natural wood bi-product, Innowood helps to prevent forest depletion through the sustainable use of recycled material and energy management. All cutting waste is 100% recyclable and all products produce low VOC emissions.