Te Aratai (Linwood College), Christchurch

Te Aratai College, located in Christchurch, is a rejuvenated campus replacing Linwood College. Equitone HD Fibre Cement is a true feature of the rebuild of this college, showcased in TE20 and TE30. This cladding product was selected for its high-performing factors and colour palette to enhance the surrounding environment and connection with the school.   

The perfect cladding product for the education sector, EQUITONE High-Density Fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding aesthetic and physical properties designed as cladding by and for architects. Equitone is an ideal cladding option for the educational sector due to its low maintenance, durability and resistance.

LOCATION: Christchurch | PHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah Rowland | VIDEOGRAPHY: Studio Infinitum | ARCHITECT: Architectus NZ | PRODUCTS: Equitone HD Fibre Cement in TE20 and TE30