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EQUITONE [linea] is a unique 3D shaped, through-coloured facade material that plays with light and shadow. EQUITONE [linea] displays a linear texture that highlights the raw inner texture of the core fibre cement material.

Every moment of the day, the changing angle of the daylight gives the facade material a different aspect. The material comes in a large panel size and can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on site. 

No matter what design options you explore, EQUITONE’s through-coloured nature guarantees crisp, monolithic details.

*Both visible and invisible fixing options exist for EQUITONE [linea].
The EQUIQUITONE [linea] materials are available in 2 sheet sizes 1220mm x 2500mm and 1220mm x 3050mm at 10mm thickness.

Available in 2 Colours

Shadow Effect


8:00 am

9:00 am

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 Midday


Name Value
Application Rainscreen, ventilated facade, interior wall lining, ceiling, soffit, eaves bargeboard
Fire Rating A2,s1-d0 to En 13501-1
Fire Resistance A2,s1-d0 to En 13501-1
Height 1220
Length 2500 mm — 3050 mm
Material Fibre cement
Method of Attachment visible fix and secret fix
Panel Density 1580kg/m3
Recyclable Yes
Standards, Certification, and Documentation Manufactured to EN 12467
Weight 16.8kg/m2